République Tchèque

FOERSTER Tecom is a subsidiary of FOERSTER Holding GmbH with responsibility for markets in Czech republic and on Slovakia. FOERSTER Tecom has been founded in 1991 and currently has 5 employees.

FOERSTER Tecom provides complex support  to the customers – i.e. not only sale of FOERSTER products but also warranty and after warranty service, regular calibrations, installations, trainings  as well as consulting in NDT branch.

Additionally FOERSTER Tecom is the representative for the german companies KARL DEUTSCH and LAP in Czech republic and Slovakia.


FOERSTER Tecom offers a complete portfolio of FOERSTER products which are intended primarily for:

  • Semi-finished products testing for surface and internal flaws
  • Automotive components testing for surface flaws and material properties
  • Manual eddy-current inspection, e.g. on aircraft industry
  • Instruments for the Determination of electromagnetic material properties
  • Metal detectors and Magnetometers for landmine and ordnance (UXO) detection, geophysical and archaeological survey

FOERSTER Tecom also offers KARL DEUTSCH products for detection of surface and internal flaws and LAP products for laser measurement and for laser projection.

In case of your interest on further informations please contact us via email or the contact form.


FOERSTER Tecom, s.r.o.

U Tvrze 13/30
108 00 Praha 10 – Malesice
Czech Republic

t +420 272 658 542
f +420 272 658 417


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