Hamson Namvarn is a family-owned and family-operated company with 40 years of experience of engineering consulting, procurement and educational programs in oil and gas, power generation, automotive, steel and metal working industries. Our company provides engineering solutions, consulting services and associated products in metal cutting, welding and cutting and nondestructive testing. Furthermore, we offer advanced educational programs in a vast domain of mechanical, industrial and chemical engineering platforms.

Hamson Namvaran represents globally renowned brands and services to tailor our customers’ necessities and preferences in the Iranian market. With highly trained and capable administrative and sales and technical staff, our company has pledged to offer world-class products, services, after-sales, repair and maintenance, and educational programs to the local and regional industries.



Hamson Namvaran Training & Demo Center (Hamson Academy)

The 4000 m2 facility is located in Khoramdasht Industrial city and fully equipped with educational infrastructure, namely, amphitheater, conference rooms, classrooms, laboratories, workshop area, audio-visual systems and canteen. Hamson Academy provides the unique opportunity to present theoretical and practical courses, namely, metal-cutting (machining), welding & cutting and non-destructive testing (NDT) to professionals and industries tailored according to the local industrial capacities and offered by renowned domain professionals and university professors. The content and schedule of the courses, workshops and training programs could be accessed on the Hamson Academy website.


FOERSTER provides the best technology quality and most comprehensive product range for non-destructive testing, metal detection and magnetic, eddy current, leakage flux and magnetic inductive.

Magnetische Pruefanlagen GmbH offers the following products.

  • Stationary equipment for component testing
  • Mobile testing and measuring equipment
  • Eddy current special probes
  • NDT Services in the chemical industry




Hamson Namvaran Sepehr - IRAN

Hamson Namvaran Sepehr - IRAN

No. 53, 10th St. W, Khoramdast St. W
Khoramdasht, Pardis New City
Tehran, Iran 1653371108

t +98 21 76216870, 76216871
f +98 21 76215664


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